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Seaweed Saver™ 10g Sample

Seaweed Saver™ 10g Sample

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Water-soluble seaweed extract to nourish your plants with vital micronutrients. Enhance their vitality, resilience, and yields, naturally boosting your garden's success.

Seaweed Saver™ is great for giving your veggie patch a boost during transplantation and growing.

  • Improves seedling survival rates
  • Complete nutrition with over 60 nutrients
  • Enhanced frost and plant resilience
  • Improves plant growth and yield

This is a sample size, you can purchase 100g bags here. 

Application Rates:

Vegetable garden 1 teaspoon (3 grams) per 9 litres of water, apply as a foliar spray. Repeat weekly.
  • Due to Quarantine we cannot send outside Australia, NT, TAS or WA
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