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Lettuce 'Brown Romaine' Seeds

Lettuce 'Brown Romaine' Seeds

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Lactuca Sativa

Brown Romaine Lettuce are a perfect one to grow all year around in the subtropics. As they are a non-hearting cos type they cope well in the hot/wet weather and aren't as susceptible to the hearts 'rotting'. They have long slender mahogany edged leaves so make a sunny feature in the garden and are well suited to harvest the outer leaves as required. Check out all our lettuce varieties suited to the subtropical climate here.

Approximately 300 seeds.

When to plant Temperate: Sep-May
Subtropical: All year
Tropical: Apr-Jul
Position Full Sun
Spacing Row 35cm, Spacing 25cm
Sow Direct or Seedling pots, 5mm deep.
Germination 4-11 Days, 5-26° Celsius
Harvest 28-50 Days
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