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Diatomaceous Earth for the Garden

Diatomaceous Earth for the Garden

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Elevate your gardening game with Diatomaceous Earth.

Unlock the potential of your garden with our premium Diatomaceous Earth Plant Fertiliser. Crafted from the fossilised remains of aquatic organisms, this unique sedimentary rock not only excels at pest control but also enriches your plants with essential minerals. Experience the dual benefits of natural pest deterrence and enhanced plant nutrition with our superior formula.

This listing is for a 300gram bag.

Key Advantages:

  • Nutrient-Rich Composition: Packed with essential minerals such as silica, calcium, and magnesium, Diatomaceous Earth provides a nutrient boost that promotes robust plant growth.

  • Improved Soil Structure: By increasing soil porosity, Diatomaceous Earth enhances water retention and makes essential nutrients more accessible to plant roots.

  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: Helps plants absorb nutrients efficiently, ensuring they receive the vital elements necessary for optimal growth.

  • Natural Pest Deterrent: Repels crawling insects, safeguarding your plants from damage and promoting healthy, pest-free growth.

Note: Regular Grit Diatomaceous Earth is f not suitable for human consumption. Store in an airtight container or a cool, ood-grade butdry place indefinitely.


Pest Control

Can assist with management of Mites, aphids, ants, beetles, earwigs, flea beetles, thrips, Leafhoppers, mealybugs, scale, and slaters.

  • Application Rate: Lightly dust the leaves and stems of pest affected plants with a thin, even layer of DE.

  • Frequency: Reapply after rain or heavy dew, as moisture reduces DE’s effectiveness.

Soil Application for Pest Deterrence in soil:

  • Application Rate: Apply DE - 30grams per 1 square metre of garden area.

  • Frequency: Apply at the beginning of the growing season and reapply every 4-6 weeks or after heavy rain as required.

Avoid over-application, excessive DE can harm beneficial insects. Please use DE as part of an integrated pest management strategy, combining it with other natural pest control methods.

Soil Amendment

Soil Conditioner:

  • Application Rate: Mix 150g per square metre of soil.

  • Frequency: Incorporate into the soil at the beginning of the growing season. Reapply annually or as needed based on soil health.

Potting Mix Addition:

  • Application Rate: Add 10-15% DE to your potting mix.

  • Method: Mix thoroughly to ensure even distribution.

Always wear a mask and gloves when handling DE to avoid inhalation and skin irritation. Store DE in an airtight container in a cool, dry place to maintain its efficacy.


As DE is a natural product, mined directly from the ancient deposits within dried lake beds, the exact scientific analysis will vary slightly from batch to batch. Because it is a natural product, DE will contain varying levels of silica and other minerals.

Silica (Si02) > 70%, Calcium (Ca) 1.00%, Magnesium (Mg) 0.60%, Manganese (Mn) 0.50%, Phosphorus (P) 0.01%, Potassium (K) 0.20%, Iron (Fe) 4.00%, Cobalt (Co) 5mg/kg, Molybdenum (Mo) 5mg/kg, Sulphur (S) 42mg/kg, Zinc (Zn) 42mg/kg


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