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Cucumber Lebanese 'Beit Alpha' Seeds

Cucumber Lebanese 'Beit Alpha' Seeds

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Cucumis Sativus

Discover the Beit Alpha Cucumber, a Lebanese cucumber variety that brings fresh sweetness without bitterness. With its thin skin, it's perfect for enjoying straight from the vine. No need to peel—simply slice, dice, or julienne. 

Not only are they delicious, but they're also easy to grow:

  • Productive: Beit Alpha Lebanese Cucumbers are prolific, ensuring a continuous supply during the season.
  • Trellis or Ground: They thrive on trellises but also adapt to ground growth, offering gardening flexibility.
  • Harvest as You Like: For the perfect balance of size and flavour, pick them at around 15 cm. However, they remain enjoyable even when grown larger.

Approximately 20 seeds

When to plant Temperate: Sep-Feb
Subtropical: Jul-Mar
Tropical: Feb-Sep
Position Full Sun
Spacing Row 80cm, Spacing 40cm
Height 1.2m Requires staking/trellis or space to spread
Sow Direct, 10mm deep.
Germination 4-10 Days, 18-35° Celsius
Harvest 60-70 Days
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