Winter Subtropical Veggie Patch Tour

What we're growing this winter in the subtropics

We are extremely lucky to live in a climate where we can grow food all year, and Winter is always abundant for us here. Of course Summer is challenging but we can still pop in some sweet potatoes and get a bountiful harvest.

Our Subtropical Seasons

I find that our climate instead of being 4 distinct seasons is more like 3. From around March through to August our weather is like a cool Temperate Summer, so we grow the majority of our standard annual crops during this time. From August to November our weather is like a Mediterranean Summer, it is usually* hot and dry. We'll get the most bang for our buck with our tomatoes, eggplants and capsicums during this time if we can keep the fruit fly off them. From December through to March it a tropical summer, it's a challenge unless you're growing the right things - snake beans and sweet potatoes is basically it.

With that in mind, we definitely gear up for our winter growing season and our garden is always full with abundance during the cool season. Winter for us is all about the standard annual crops that you'll see every one else planting in Spring.

What we have growing this winter

You can check out what we've got going in this Video tour below of our garden in winter.

Some of the things you'll find in our annual garden at the moment

I've probably forgotten something but there is so much variety available to us at this time of year.

If you need more guidance and tips on what you can grow all year round, come join us inside Dirt Lovers.

*When La Niña is happening we can see more rainfall and it starts earlier.

**Frost free areas only

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