bean teepee

We're building/growing a bean teepee!

As you know I am a big believer of getting the kids in the garden, so what better way to do so is to create their own little cubby house!

Say hello to the bean teepee.

We've put this together using some bamboo and wire lying around. Added some soil around the outside and voila, bean teepee foundation.

We then wrapped around twine for some place for the beans to climb, and went ahead and planted 30 bean seeds - 4 different varieties. Black seeded snake beans, purple kings, yellow climbing and green climbing. All of them came up except the green beans - so i had planted extra beans in my propagation station to fill in the gaps.

The end result was 29 plants, so now it's time to watch them grow.

We're now into Autumn and the beans are done, so the bean teepee is now turning into a Pea teepee.

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