Garden Update - week 3

Vegetable Patch Update : Late Summer - 4 weeks of Love

If you missed weeks 1 & 2 you can check it out over here. So here is a quick update on the progress of the patch.

Week 3

I cannot believe how much this has grown in a single week. The corn is just going nuts and we are now completely self sufficient in lettuce. The Capsicum and Roma tomato is forming fruit. The beans are in full flower. Radish seedlings are up and at em and it won't be long before we can start picking those out of the ground. Unfortunately the carrot seeds didn't bare too well, a few popped up but with the extreme head the sizzled. The cucumber is just starting to climb the trellis which is great.
Garden Update - week 3 Week 3
Week 3 Vegetable Patch Update Week 3

Week 4

We have tomatoes! Well green ones. Unfortunately we had a bit of a heat wave that wiped out half of the spring onions, but the ones protected by the shade of the tomato are fine. We've been harvesting a few Radish for our salads and are getting a few beans now. Still self sufficient in lettuce from the 6 butterhead plants (and we do eat a lot of salads). I am just astounded at how quickly the corn has grown in just 4 weeks.
Garden Update Week 4 Week 4
What are you growing now? Stay tuned for more updates.
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