Seedlings for a Late Summer Crop

Vegetable Patch Update : Late Summer - 2 weeks of love

2 weeks ago I made Nathan move my garden beds from our previous rental property. I know I am crazy. I know he must loves me a lot to move a tonne of dirt. But god damnit I worked hard on that soil and I wasn't going to leave it behind.

My late summer crop

Normally I grow all my own seedlings from seed but I was impatient and wanted to get stuck back into it with one last hurrah for the Summer season. Instead I just grabbed a bunch of seedlings from that place with the big green shed.
Seedlings for a Late Summer Crop Seedlings for a Late Summer Crop + Lucy the Beagle
My vegetable seedlings consisted of Corn, Butter Beans, Green Beans, a Roma Tomato, a Redskin Capsicum (Pepper), Cucumbers, spring onions and some Butterhead lettuce (my favourite for growing in Queensland during summer). All things that I knew would survive the extreme heat we get here in South East Queensland. I put in carrot & radish seeds in for the left over space (which didn't amount to anything as they just burnt off in the heat).

Week 1

Not much really happened in the first week other than a lot of growing. Moving the dirt did wonders for the soil, aerated it, plus it got a load from the compost bin and I also added back some trace elements and a bag of 5 in 1 fertiliser.
Week 1 Garden Update Week 1

Week 2

At the second week we started harvesting small amounts of lettuce. The beauty of growing your own lettuce is you just take what you need without ripping out your entire plant and it will keep on producing.
Week 2 Garden Update Week 2
What are you growing now? Stay tuned for more updates.
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