Week 7 Harvest Butter beans french beans cucumbers

Vegetable Garden Update: Late Summer - 8 weeks of Love

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We now have an Aquaponics system!

So we got to work setting up our Aquaponics system, Nathan is super excited. Here it is setup before we put in water and the clay beads, I'll write a post about it in a few weeks showing you how we made the system but the basic concept is the fish swim in the bottom section, the water gets pumped up into a bed of clay beads where the plants suck up all the nutrients (aka fish poo) before it's dumped back into the bottom section again. The aquaponics system will be now featured in my garden updates (just in case you were thinking what the hell is that thing).
Our New Aquaponics System Our New Aquaponics System

Week 7

So we got our first cucumber and have had a constant stream of beans which has been great. The butter beans are doing the best.
Week 7 Harvest Butter beans french beans cucumbers Week 7 Harvest
All the lettuce is going to seed (but we're still harvesting) and the tomatoes are starting to ripen up. Some corn is almost ready to pick, although it's a little small. I chucked in a zucchini seed in the patch where all the seeds died and a little plant has arisen, hopefully we'll get something out of it before it gets too cold.
Week 7 Veggie Garden Update Week 7
The aquaponics system we're still awaitng fish but we've planted it out and added a bunch of seasol for nutrients until we can get our fish order. We're hoping to put Barramundi or Jade Perch in the system, and potentially some Red Claw.
Aquaponics - Week 1 Aquaponics - Week 1

Week 8

Our first tomatoes & an almost red capsicum, we're now overloaded with cucumbers. I've pulled most of the lettuce out and let a couple plants go to seed.
Week 8 Week 8 - First tomatoes
The tomato bush is loaded, and I am super grateful that it's more fruit than foilage.
Week 8 - Roma Tomato Plant Week 8 - Roma Tomato Plant
Week 8 - Roma Tomato Plant Week 8
The plants seem to be doing ok in the aquaponics considering they were surviving on Seasol & Water. We'll hopefully be getting the fish next weekend.
Aquaponics - Week 2 Aquaponics - Week 2
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