Lady Beetle eating aphids

Spring Garden Update - November 17

Even though it's still spring here, summer has well and truly arrived. We're already seeing the bugs and the damage from the heat if you're keeping on top of watering. This month I am also heavily pregnant with our little number two due a day ago, so understandably not much gardening is happening as my ability to bend has been heavily compromised.

In the Aquaponics

We're still yet to setup our second grow bed on the barramundi tank as our budget hasn't allowed for the purchase of extra clay beads and the additional pipe we'll need to purchase. It has gone a little crazy and we've been harvesting loads of lettuce and cucumbers. We threw a few corn plants in as well and have been pleasantly surprised at how well they have done so we'll definitely be trying those again. We really need to cull out some lettuce as we're not exactly getting good harvests from them as we have over planted. Spring Garden Update Aquaponics System

Front Garden Beds

The 3 front garden beds are doing well, we'll have carrots to pick soon and we've had an over supply of basil. The zucchini is thriving, however we're lacking pollinators so we haven't actually harvested any yet (and again too pregnant to bend and do it myself which is what I normally have to do). The stray pumpkin is thriving, and we've got about 8 huge butternuts that we're looking forward to picking soon. Spring Garden Update Front Garden

The fruit orchard

The blueberries are now basically done. We have one fig that survived which we're patiently waiting to hopefully ripen so we can eat our first one. The lime and lemon are loaded with fruit and we're looking forward to harvesting those at the end of summer.

Back garden

The back garden has been a cucumber hub, we've been picking 1-2 every couple of days. However the aphids have moved in and because I am too pregnant to really do much about it, I am hoping the lady beetles will help. To be honest I am not holding out to much. I planted extra corn seeds, however I am pretty disappointed with this variety as they flower before the silks appear - which pretty much means no pollination which means no corn! Spring Garden Update Back Garden

Seed raising

Seed raising has been put on hold for now, will get back into it in December.

Other bits around the garden

The surrogate chicks are doing well and are ready to go to the farm. Satay the Wyandotte has gone broody again! We tried dunking her butt feathers in water but that didn't work so we're waiting it out. The sweet potatoes and peanuts are happy in the trug and it's been a full time job keeping the pots all watered and happy. The pineapples are slowly growing and we may be able to harvest them at the end of summer. Lady Beetle eating aphids

What we have harvested

We've harvested heaps of lettuce, basil, butter beans, cucumbers and swiss chard.

What we are planning for next month (and beyond)

Seed raising will gear up again, mainly for the summer crops - we'll be planting some more corn and cucumbers.
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