Reasons why your plants aren't growing very well

Reasons why your plants aren't growing very well

Growing food is fast becoming a lost art. It’s feared, it’s unknown, it’s challenging, it’s rebellious. But it doesn’t have to be hard. Join me in the Love of Dirt podcast where we explore topics around growing food, fair food and sustainable living.

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Are you a self confessed black thumb? Maybe you're not really and just making some simple mistakes.

1. Your dirt is terrible

Good soil health means healthy happy plants. This is going to be the number one reason why your plants are failing to thrive.

A healthy soil is full of all the nutrients your soil needs to sustain the plants, to help them thrive. They will grow better, produce more and have this weird ability to protect themselves from pests and diseases (except for maybe possums).

If you're looking to setup a raised bed you can check out my recipe here. If you're looking for ways to increase your nutrient value in your soil check out this post. If you're not sure what manure to use, you might find this post helpful.

2. Your position is all wrong

Choosing the right position for your veggie patch is key. You want the right amount of sunshine (4-8hours) plus protection from winds, but not too stagnent that you get no air flow. To add to that, the sun moves as the seasons change. Yep it can be a tricky balance.

You'll also want easy access, so you can harvest often and keep an eye on things.

3. You're not keeping an eye on things

Even though they don't speak, plants are brilliant communicators. They will tell you if they've had to much water, if they've not had enough. If there is nutrients missing.

By keeping an eye on things you can see what your plants need and when. You can also keep control of your pest and disease situation before it becomes unmanageable. A couple of grasshoppers can easily be dealt with, 10 it becomes a bit harder.

By following these 3 simple things you're well on the way to having an abundant veggie patch.

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