Sarah Heath Basilea Living Herbs

Interview - Sarah Heath, Basilea Living Herbs

In this episode I chat with Second generation herb grower Sarah Heath.

Sarah relocated Basilea Living Herb Farm to her property in 2013; while raising her young family Sarah has built a one of a kind production spray free, reticulated hydroponic and organic herb and edible flower farm, with markets in to Brisbane’s fine dining Restaurants, Café’s and Bars. While proudly severing the home growers of Greater Brisbane and Moreton Bay areas with unique culinary herbs Salad green seedlings. Sarah is an Active Member of the Qld Herbs Society and as a monthly speaking spot on the local Morten Bay radio’s community kitchen show and in Morton Bay Libraries. Sarah is passionate about how she grows and sharing the culinary joys edible plants bring in our daily lifes.

In this episode we chat about her journey into the plant world along with some of her favourite herbs to grow and eat. We also talk a little about kids and herbs and building on your soil.

Dirt Lovers can access the full unedited video version of interview here. In the unedited version we talk about companion planting and plants that you can grow that benefit your garden as a whole.

Since recording this episode due to current situation open days are on hold however Sarah now has online ordering with weekly pickups from the farm. You can get the order from from her website.

Sarah's Photo by Dominika Lis

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