October Spring Subtropical Garden Tour

Mid Spring in our Subtropical Veggie Patch (VLOG)

Mid spring here in our Subtropical veggie patch is when we really start thinking about our Summer Plantings. It's been a bit unseasonably wet which but things are still growing well. In this video we do a video tour of how everything is growing in October in our subtropical veggie patch.


What's Growing

We only have a few cool season things straggling on and harvesting the rest of them this month. Now it's time for the warm season crops so some of the things I mentioned in the video include:


Pineapples and bananas are also on their way.

Seeds we're saving

A few things we're saving seeds for are:

Things we're planting in mid spring (October)

It's about the resilient htings at this point.

New varieties were trying

Some new things that we're growing include - Sword Beans, Burnley Gem Tomato, Florida basket tomato and choko.


What we're harvesting in Mid Spring

Fennel, Potatoes (see our harvest here), Beetroot, Lettuce, Swiss chard, Kale, Blueberries, the last of the broccoli, mulberries and garlic.


Common problems in Mid Spring Subtropical Gardens

Root knot nematodes are around in a couple of beds so now it's about managing those areas and not spreading it. We're on high alert for fruit fly and the 28 spot ladybird. Mites have also taken out a lot of our plants as well.

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