Growing Common Mint

Herbs to grow in Autumn

Sometimes we really struggle to get certain herbs growing in our subtropical climate and wonder why, herbs are the easiest thing to grow! But generally the reason is it's too hot or humid for the plants to thrive.

Whilst the sweet basils come to an end, the thyme and oregano start to slow it's time for a new collection of herbs to come to the forefront.

Here are some common herbs that are front and centre in our autumn plantings.


I see so many people plant coriander in summer and then wonder why it goes straight to seed. It's a cool season plant, only plant it in the warmer months if you want the flowers and the seeds (if it survives the heat that is).


In the right conditions mint can certainly thrive, but since living in the subtropics, I've found summer is not the time. Towards the end of summer my mint is almost non existent, but makes a resurgence as soon as the heat disappears.


Summer time all my parsley goes to seed, and just in time for autumn the seeds start germinating.


Dill has to be one of my favourite herbs to grow. I love it in just about everything so love it when the weather cools down enough for me to get it in the ground.

What are your favourite cool season herbs in the subtropics?

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