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Looking for some inspiration for that garden loving person in your life? Here are some cool ideas for you (not sponsored - just cool things I've found and want myself).

Fruit salad tree

Want to plant a fruit tree but have limited space and want them all. Yep I have that problem... maybe a fruit salad tree is a good option!

Hoselink retractable hose

We have a hoselink sprayer and it has been the one thing that has stood the test of time (and my carelessness) in the garden. These are the bees knees

Bee yourself stingless bee hive

On our list of things to get one day after our stingless bee hive collapsed we need a replacement, check out the hives from bee yourself


A book full of skills to get you inspired and started on living a handmade, home-grown life. Want more? Check out my list from last year here (yep still relevant)
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