Christmas Gift Guide for Garden Nerds

Gift ideas for Gardeners

The countdown is on to Christmas and whilst traditionally our family opts for experiences over things, we do also like gifts that are useful (not just for gift giving sake). I've put together a list of gift ideas of things I'd love for our garden (or things that I have and highly recommend) - to help out those who are stuck buying for their garden loving family members. Note: None of these products have paid to be on this list, it's just a personal wish list of mine.


Simon helped us out suggesting some of the vegpod covers to protect our cauliflowers from being destroyed by possums. Ever since I've been eyeing off the entire system as a new addition to the garden. I know some of my readers have a Vegepod and absolutely adore it. I'd probably go for the Medium size with a stand to start with. Vegepod

Grown and Gathered Book

I've been following these guys on Instagram for a long time now and I love what they are doing. This book is all about sharing traditional skills that are essential to living well. Grown and gathered


Such a simple design this cute little composting system would work great for someone with a very small space. Composta

Life Cykel Mushroom Box

Turning waste into mushrooms! that's what we like to hear. These guys have created a product out of coffee bean waste that allows you to grow oyster mushrooms right on your kitchen bench. LifeCykel

Wall Garden

I've been wanting my own vertical wall for a while now and I stumbled across this one and it looks great. Wall Garden

Patio Aquaponics System

If you're wanting to dip your toe into the world of aquaponics then this is a great little startup system from Aqua Gardening. Patio Aquaponics System

Planter bags

These are what we use for our 'fruit orchard'. If you know someone who rents who wants to take their fruit trees with them when they move the green woven planter bags are the go. Planter Bag Supplies


This was the first thing I purchased to start my composting journey and I still adore it. Can-o-worms

Paper Pot Maker

I was given one of these one year for xmas and I love it! We've started using our I Give A Crap paper wrappers to make our own seed raising pots. You can find these from Biome What's on your Christmas wishlist?
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