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Find our Garden in Gardening Australia Magazine

I am super excited to share that our garden has been featured in the latest issue of Gardening Australia Magazine. As my husband says, this one's for the pool room (if we had one, and if we did I'd probably want to knock it down...).

"It seems a gardener with a passion for growing food can never have too much space. Even on a 735m2 block, Nicki McKay is looking for ways to upsize her garden. The house takes up most of the land, with most of the growing space sited in the front and sides. “People laugh when I say I want to knock down half of the house so I have more space for gardens,” Nicki says, “but I’m not joking!”

The block in Brisbane’s outer northern suburbs borders a small park from which a huge gum tree emerges to tower over the eastern side. The park is full of wildlife, and Nicki’s household has a menagerie, too. She, husband Nathan and their two small children share the property with an old beagle called Lucy, Pinny the cat, five chickens – Satay, Pesto, Lucky, Soy and Popcorn – and around 30 fish – “We don’t name the fish because we eat them.”"

Read the full article in Gardening Australia July 2021

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