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When to fertilise your vegetable garden

It's easy to set and forget your vegetable garden beds and wonder why your plants aren't growing. Or perhaps you're fertilising your garden often and it's still not producing the goods.

When should you fertilise?

I strongly believe that it starts with your dirt. Before planting your vegetables you need to make sure your soil is full of the good stuff. So spending a bit of time preparing your garden beds before you plant is the key, and that includes adding some well rotted manure to your beds. You can check out what manures we use here.

Ongoing maintenance

Some plants do require more nutrients, so if you're working in raised garden beds or pots you do need to replenish the nutrients. We do this using our own home made liquid fertiliser, but you can purchase many commercial organic solutions. We apply this once a week to our plants to give them a bit of a boost. If you're working with perennial plants (plants that last longer than one season) then every 12 months reapplying some slow release fertiliser will give your plants a boost. With plants in pots you'll want to repot with some fresh potting mix every 12 months (and maybe even increase the size of the pot depending on how the roots are going). How do you fertilise your garden? When to fertilise your vegetable garden?
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