Benefits of Egg Shells in your veggie patch

Egg shells in your veggie patch

For years we used to just throw full egg shells into our compost bin and when distributing the compost to our garden they'd pretty much be fully in tact. I'd still distribute them to the garden but then I heard you could use them in your to improve veggie patch! It turns out eggshells are a great source of calcium. Calcium is great for all plants but it especially gives a boost to your broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, melons, lettuce, peanuts, capsicums, and tomatoes. Much like it helps us humans, it also helps plants giving them healthy 'bones'. Whilst the amount of calcium the plants will take up from eggshells may be minuscule, it's still going to benefit your soil in the long run by building the organic matter. Whilst I have heard that egg shells also prevent pests such as snails, I have not had any success with this. Egg shells in your garden I give my egg shells a bit of a rinse and allow to dry before collecting in a container. Then once I have enough I grind them up to make a sprinkling dust for my garden beds using a blender (you can probably use your hands if you're tough). Do you use egg shells for your garden? Let us know how by commenting below Benefits of Egg Shells in your veggie patch
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