Paraty, Brazil

Paraty, Brazil

After the Rio Carnival we decided to take a trip to a little coastal town south of Rio De Janeiro, called Paraty, it sits at the base of jungled mountains. After a crazy week we needed some down time so we jumped on a bus and headed down. On the 4 hour bus ride the air con was cranked and I was freezing, all my luggage underneath and I was not prepared for the freeze, turns out later I was getting very sick (My mum reckons it was swine flu). By the time we arrived I was as pale as a ghost and almost collapsed trying to put my pack on. I don't remember much of this this little gem, because as soon as the guys found accommodation I was gone, and I just slept. Not what you really want to do on a trip of a lifetime and in such a beautiful location, but when the body says no you have to listen. I am so thankful they pulled me out of bed for a sunset cruise around the bay with a very charismatic Brazilian boat driver, I got to see a small taste of this beautiful location and the happy people who live there.
The welcome party to Paraty The welcome party to Paraty
travel-blog-paraty-brazil-1 Paraty Brazil Paraty Brazil
Paraty Brazil Our boat driver for the evening, such a happy guy!
Paraty Brazil Paraty Brazil Paraty Brazil Paraty Brazil Paraty Brazil Paraty Brazil Paraty Brazil Paraty Brazil
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