Would life be easier if zombies existed?

Zombies I know this is totally a random post, but I often think about this. Perhaps I am going through withdrawals from The Walking Dead at the moment as it has it's mid season break. My bestie knows to well how I like to plan for these things should we get a zombie apocalypse occur, and I scope out places we could go should it happen. I also got very cranky when she decided to have a 3rd child, I told her that we can't run and hold zombie fighting weapons with all three children in tow. Luckily they are probably old enough to hold their own now. Don't get me wrong I am not a 'doomsday prepper' by any means. I don't have stockpiles of food under my house, boobie traps surrounding my house and a 8ft anti-zombie fence. I just have imagination and try to use it as much as I can. I similarly dream of what life would be like if I won the lotto, which of course will never happen because I never buy tickets!

But do you often wonder if life be a little easier if Zombies existed and all we had to worry about was survival?

Putting aside the obvious things that would totally suck, like no internet. Stinky zombies everywhere. No healthcare. Trying to source food. General sanitation. No clean sheets. Society probably wouldn't hold it together and get all crazy cannibalistic or turn into psychopathic killers. All that crappy stuff aside, I can't help but look at the positives, the things that people currently yearn for would be exactly what you end up with. There'd be no room for worrying about stupid shit little things like your dead end job or your douche-canoe of a boss. Money would not be an issue, and we could barter for things we needed. We'd be living day to day, stuck in the present. We'd have less stuff and cherish the things that we did have. Our loved ones are all that matters. I think we could learn a lot by living like there was a zombie invasion.
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