I am ready to get off the hamster wheel

I am ready to get off the hamster wheel

For a moment I wish the planet would stop spinning. Do you ever just feel that? Pause time. You know what I am talking about, our lives are so focused on getting stuff done. Making money. Making a ‘LIVING’. No time. Not enough. Never enough. Exhausted. No life. Sick. Sick and tired. I can’t help but question why? Why do we need to get all the things done? Why do we need to work so hard to get nice things that we don’t have time to truly appreciate. I thought I could escape the hamster wheel by creating my own business. I can live the life that I choose! I can work on my own terms! I can have freedom. But it didn’t work like that. I’ve just setup another enclosure with my own hamster wheel, albeit it has my own slant, essentially it’s the same. So here I am running really fast not getting anywhere. All. Over. Again. Occasionally, like today, I will jump off the wheel and longingly gaze into the distance. Dream, wonder, get angry, decide that I won’t get back on that bloody hamster wheel ever again. I will plot my escape. I tell myself that I will make it happen. Then it gets overwhelming, it gets hard, people say ‘no you can’t do that’, ‘you don’t deserve that’, so instead I lose the fight and I get sad. I give up, what else is there to do? I may as well get back on the wheel again. Maybe if I run extra fast I can afford a holiday to escape it all. Just for a moment. But I don’t want a life that needs escaping. I crave a life that is simple, healthy and full of good things. Not stuff. Good things. Here is where I begin. Hello minimalism. Thanks for the inspiration.
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